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Tractor Supply Cattle Feeder as a Raised Bed – 1st Month Review

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Tractor Supply Cattle Feeder as a Raised Bed – 1st Month Review

Well, so far so good. These are a bit pricey at $259, but extremely sturdy. I started by removing the built drain plug which sits a couple inches from the bottom. Then I drilled holes, lots of them. All in the bottom though, none in the side other than the built in one. Around the holes i places marble rock to help prevent them from getting clogged with debris. Here is another i’m just getting started with.

I have a lot of remnants of rotting leftover trees and stuff from our initial ground clearing. So once the marble/gravel goes in i’ll add a few stumps, rotting wood and old mulch about a 3rd (ish), and then fill with bulk garden soil, peat, Vermiculite and compost. This is one of the finished beds.

a raised bed garden

The nice things about these so far is it’s difficult for some pests to get into the bed. It’s also rather tall, right around 36″. You can easily sit on the sides of them, and reach across to the other side.

I’ll be updating this post as I prepare this new bed.

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford

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